The Wine Company

Green and community initiatives

We are constantly looking for new ways to be good land stewards and minimize our emission gas output. We annually evaluate, revise and initiate our clean energy practices.


  • Use of paperless document storage systems
  • Use of on-line “cloud” database storage system, significantly reducing printing and paper usage
  • Leveraging new technology to create top efficiencies for time and materials
  • Moving communications, statements and offers for our customers to electronic platforms

Healthy Local Food Movement

  • We support local farmers and cooperative grocers through hosting events accompanied by our wine selections
  • We utilize a portion of the commercial property for an onsite organic garden
  • From our organic garden, a portion of the produce is donated to a local food shelf

Green Transportation

  • We provide cooperative logistic services for four wholesale partners, significantly reducing the vehicles, fuel, and carbon emissions while still providing customer with top service


  • Our recycling program is extensive: paper, cardboard, batteries, electronics, cans, bottles, corks, shrink-wrap, boxes, toner, and pallets are all have recycling procedures.
  • An established on-site composting program

Green Building: we strive to make our building the healthiest and most sustainable work environment possible

  • We have undergone two formal energy efficiency studies in the past three years
  • Installation of motion sensors and high efficiency lighting throughout the building
  • Installation of Cool Roofing system — made of products that reflect the sun’s heat, complying with green building codes
  • Utilize green cleaning products
  • Currently undergoing a Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

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