The Wine Company

QR Code Innovation

In the fall of 2011, The Wine Company became the first wholesaler in the country to have a fully integrated mobile website.


The idea

With mobile phones becoming mobile computers for many, we saw an opportunity for a new education tool for the end consumer (as well as a great sales tool for our staff).  The goal was to develop a mobile website that would instantly deliver clear information about our wines.  Additionally, it would provide information on other wines at that location plus food and wine pairing ideas.

The construction

Building the databases was no small undertaking, and the coding involved was immense, but in October of 2011 we became the first to fully integrate store purchases with a database of wine information in a mobile format.

The execution

The response from the first select retailers to try our new system was immediate: “This is one of the coolest things ever” has been commonly heard from even the most ‘old school’ style of accounts.

Immediately, we grew the program to include many of our top retailers throughout the state, and reports of wines doubling or tripling their sales velocity become common.

The next step was to introduce it to select restaurants, as flight cards and feature cards.  Again, the response has been amazing.

Our enjoyment of QR codes even led us to re-do our delivery vehicles, making it clear who is bringing all these codes to the marketplace.

Be sure to check out the April 2012 article by William Wells on our QR Code trucks!


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