The Wine Company

Ally Tyler

ally_with_labWhy the wine business? It is social. I love meeting new people and holding ongoing relationships and having our conversations surrounding wine! Nothing better to chat about. I also enjoy the daily learning… seriously something new everyday!

I love French malbecs and cheese… I mostly love earthy wines and cheese! Basically just give me wine and cheese. I also love trying out new restaurants.  Whenever I can I head north to my cabin in Voyageur Village, Wisconsin with my immediate and extended family. That said I am a proud Minnesota native through and through.

Be that as it may, once upon a time I lived a full year in Isla Mujeres, Mexico where my fiancé and I had a restaurant on the island (Chango Loco, ‘Crazy Monkey’). I love to travel ad have backpacked all across around Europe making it to 12 counties -although I’ve spent the most time in Italy and Sweden.

These days I make a home here in Minnesota with my fiancé Fernando, an executive chef of the bank downtown, and our son Hunter, born in 2013, and we share this with 2 dogs: a Boxer named Morgan and a Golden named Maddy. We fill this house with music -a little of everything but I’ve always liked my hip hop the best… especially local.

Favorite quote: “The jerk store called. They’re running out of you?” George Costanza

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