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Andy Tremmel

Fandy_tremmelor a proud local boy born and raised in Northeast Minneapolis, I love the open road. Whether it is traveling the United States or delivering wine, I’m not wary of putting on the miles. I’ve worked in wine distribution since 1991, the same year as our man Ken Alvarez, enjoying 25+ years behind the wheel. Perhaps all this moving around has kept me wanting to stay local. Perhaps it is all the good local Thai, Vietnamese and Ecuadorian restaurants in my neighborhood.

andy_tremmel_ready_to_driveThen again perhaps it is my family or our loving menagerie of pets! Two dogs, two cats and a Russian tortoise named Lucy are certainly an entertaining ensemble. When I am not delivering your tasty beverages, you can find me off-road riding ATVs, fishing at my place up north around Aiken, or golfing wherever possible.


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