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Austria // DOES NOT EQUAL // Germany

Given The Wine Company's resplendent portfolio of Austrian and German wines, we have penned a primer for a Little Library we've been printing for years but are now rolling out digitally. This first digital primer is on die Weine von Österreich und Deutschland. Enjoy a taste of it here... Austria &

Zweigelt: the ultimate wine for grilled food

It's the start of July, and summertime has finally arrived to Minnesota. It's time for fishing, camping, relaxing, and grilling. Especially grilling. Burgers. Brats. Chicken thighs. Rib eye steaks. You name it, we grill it. But what to drink with this fine grilled fare? It's a question we get asked often, for when we grill

Austrian wines: going deeper

Image is of a Smargd, a type of lizard that is the symbol and name of an elite category of wines from Austria. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Last week we posted a primer on Austrian wines including some short videos of Wil Bailey explaining the country, the styles, and why sommeliers

“You can’t taste wines like that and just walk away”

There is a large segment of the wine business where passivity is the name of the game. Allow the market to dictate the demand for something, then rush in to cut your own slice of the pie. It's a lazy but all too common side of the wine business (sometimes
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