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Want Some Tots?

I am so hungry I could eat a horse! Whoa there! We get it -especially around the time of the Minnesota State Fair when there is every sort of bucket and bag and thing-on-a-stick. Food pairing on the fair grounds is often limited to whatever is nearby and cold but if we

Three great wines for grilled fare

Madone Beaujolais le Perreon
We love our grilled food at The Wine Company, especially during a nice summer evening on our company patio playing a little bocce ball and listening to great music. What to drink with grilled food is a topic that comes up every summer, and this year we have three great

Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s Thanksgiving Wine Pick: Pavao Vinho Verde

For fans of Lynne Rosseto Kasper and her show The Splendid Table, you know that her suggestions are phenomenal and especially when it comes to Thanksgiving, indispensable! She was a guest on this week's Marketplace Weekend and what do you suppose she proclaimed as the "One wine you should have on

Tempranillo: an education

Sierra Cantabria Reserva Unica Rioja
As Spring starts a slow crawl towards reality here in Minnesota (the winter of 2013-2014 was the harshest of the last generation) our thoughts can't help but turn to the idea of grilled food, cooking away on our charcoal grill on the company patio. We do like popping corks around here

Pairing wine with lutefisk (seriously)

Want to make a bunch of wine experts scratch their head in confusion and minor frustration? Put a plate of lutefisk in front of them along with a wide variety of wines (Cava, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay, Cru Beaujolais, and more ... even sake') and ask them to pick the perfect

Understanding Cru Beaujolais (and why it’s perfect for Thanksgiving)

Cru Beaujolais
Thanksgiving can be such a difficult holiday, and we're not talking just about family members with opposing political and religious views being forced around a table together. We're talking about a bigger conflict: food and wine. We're talking about having a huge variety of deliciousness on the table, including the obscure

Zweigelt: the ultimate wine for grilled food

AEC 185x240
It's the start of July, and summertime has finally arrived to Minnesota. It's time for fishing, camping, relaxing, and grilling. Especially grilling. Burgers. Brats. Chicken thighs. Rib eye steaks. You name it, we grill it. But what to drink with this fine grilled fare? It's a question we get asked often, for when we grill

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part three (and some great rose’ pairing recipes from local food bloggers)

bacon wrapped jicima
Photo hat tip to @amanda_paa at See below for more info on this delicious and easy to make bacony thing. Before we get to Wil Bailey's rose' pick part three, let's talk a bit about wine and food pairings, specifically regarding dry rose' wines. Most wine and food pairing is based

Celebrating National Potato Chip Day with grower Champagne (and lots of videos)

Geofrroy Hebrart Chips
We love our chips. We keep our cupboards fully stocked at all times at The Wine Company. Classic, kettle, sea salt, salt & black pepper, dill, onion, hot buffalo wings, french onion, onion and garlic, cheddar and sour cream, mesquite, and more. After we return from Europe we get the delicious

Champagne and Potato Chips, the perfect match

Chip and bubbly love
There are as many opinions about food and wine pairing as there are wines and people to drink them. Honing pairings to a perfect art is desired by some, especially at the top end of the culinary world. Anybody who has swooned over an incredible risotto with shaved truffles paired
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