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Summertime Life Hack

Keeping boxed wine chilled under the sun With Viña 425 moving at a mighty clip, this boxed format has certainly caught on -not least because the red, white and rosé are every bit as delicious as they are irresistible. Add to that the stamina of the bag-in-the-box format and everyone's happy: it

“WHAT IS THAT?” | Wine as the winemaker intended

At our onsite tastings at The Wine Company, a repeated question pops up: "What is THAT?" they ask referring to the preservation system. We use this to keep wine samples fresh for weeks on end. It is a wine preservation system made by Le Verre de Vin. In our particular case,

Vote YES on 2, Minneapolis!

If you want to see a look of utter confusion, bordering on panic, simply say this to a wine and food lover in Portland, San Francisco, Boston, or even Madison, Wisconsin: "In many Minneapolis restaurants it's illegal to just get a glass of wine or a beer without ordering food." or "If you want

What is TNBT? (The next big thing)

Trends in wine are interesting, and going all the way back to Boone's Farm and Lancers we can track popular styles and maybe even hypothesize about why these trends emerge. The rise of White Zinfandel from the 1970's well into the early 1990's showed a desire for the sweet tooth, but
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