The Wine Company

Erick Castillo

erick_castilloAs the newest driver and resident MMA fighter, I take immense pride in how hard I fought to master my day and my route. It was a baptism-by-fire days soon after being hired when storms took out power at The Wine Company and Cooperative Warehouse Services -FOR THREE DAYS!  We banded together, restored power with generators and picked each day’s many wine orders with the help of headlamps. We still made every delivery on time as if nothing was the matter.

By September I had learned a ton and I am told I was the fastest ever new hire to receive the Employee of the Month for topping the group that month with 369 stops and nearly 2,700 cases delivered.

Although I am still learning about wine, I am pleased to share that I know the dimensions of my truck like the back of my hand and I take pride in working quickly and carefully. When not on the road you will most likely find me at the gym either weight training or practicing mixed martial arts.

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