Every year we gather to celebrate and give thanks to our customers through the Feast of Saint Thibault.

The 2014 Feast was the best yet. The weather was in the 70’s, the sun was out, great vintages of amazing French wines were being poured, the food was perfect, and there were even kittens (see photos)!

Those that have experienced Larry’s ribs know they are some of the best in the land. If you want to know his secrets, last year he was kind enough to release the rib secrets to the world. Trust us: you want this recipe!

New this year: we produced a video further explaining our thoughts behind the Feast of Saint Thibault, including the focus on French producers and the care and planning that goes into our annual feast. Check it out:

To all of our wonderful customers we raise a glass and thank you for making 2014 the best Feast of Saint Thibault thus far!


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