Our Champagne portfolio at The Wine Company represents 60 selections with a nice offering of the most capable Récoltant-Manipulants as well as an enticing selection of the most illustrious boutique houses to be found – not to mention the additional 70+ sparkling wines from outside of Champagne.

Choosing can be daunting.

Wine Company Portfolio Director Wil Bailey has selected nine standouts that have made a particular impression to suggest to you as highlights for you to consider in time for the holidays.

We hope you come to love these wines every bit as much as we do!


Mousse_Fils_Noire_ReserveMoussé Fils Blanc de Noirs “Noire Reserve”
“This wine is 85% Pinot Meunier, and it’s awesome! Need I say more to pique your interest? Cederic Moussé is also one of the kindest, coolest, most enthusiastic guys I’ve ever met. The family has been growing here in the far upper reaches (boondocks) of the Marne Valley since 1650. Moussé is an organically farmed, self-sustaining winery running on solar power with its own spring fed water source. Cederic is the only member of the Special Club to make his top wine from 100% Pinot Meunier. Did I mention this wine is awesome?”

Below are the accounts that have purchased Moussé Fils Blanc de Noirs “Noire Reserve” in the last 12 months, listed alphabetically. Call ahead to confirm availability.

The Beanery Internet Cafe
(218) 927-7811

Sunfish Cellars
(651) 552-5955

(612) 333-8686

Eastside Eat & Drink
(612) 208-1638

Campus Club - U Of Mn
(612) 624-9136

Alma Restaurant
(612) 379-4909

(651) 699-3536

(612) 501-3327

The Wine Shop
(952) 988-9463

Grand View Lodge
(218) 963-2234

Cork & Barrel Wine & Spirits
(651) 739-0804

Thomas Liquor
St Paul
(651) 699-1860

Solo Vino
St Paul
(651) 602-9515

Goutorbe_2006Henri Goutorbe 2006
“You think the Pinot based Champagnes are all gonna lean big and powerful. Then you go and visit Etienne Goutorbe, and he’s put together this collection of juicy, forward, bright, strawberries and cream driven wines that spin your head around 180 degrees. The 2006 vintage here is 67% Pinot Noir and 33% Chardonnay matching all the above red Pinot fruit with great brioche framing that makes it particularly compelling in this vintage.”

Below are the accounts that have purchased Henri Goutorbe 2006 in the last 12 months, listed alphabetically. Call ahead to confirm availability.

Tournament Liquor - Blaine
(763) 786-4992

France 44
(612) 925-3252

Hennepin-lake Liquors
(612) 825-4411

Bollinger_RD_2002Bollinger R.D. 2002
“If you head down the block from Goutorbe with a rock in your hand you can break a window at Bollinger without having to throw it very far. I’m not suggesting you do anything other than appreciate the wines and hospitality of the Bollinger family should you visit; I’m just trying to put things in a geographical context. Thank you Gilles Descotes for continuing the uniquely Bollinger tradition of holding small lots of the greatest vintage wines for 10+ years before disgorgement. Not that you needed a new reason to believe in barrel fermentations and outrageously long sur lie aging, but go ahead and taste the 2002. It’s available and now you too can experience R. D. 2002.”

Below are the accounts that have purchased Bollinger R.D. 2002 in the last 12 months, listed alphabetically. Call ahead to confirm availability.

Sunfish Cellars
(651) 552-5955

France 44
(612) 925-3252

(612) 379-3232

(612) 354-7408

Winestreet Spirit-north Oak
North Oaks
(651) 483-1767

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