The Wine Company

Paul Mazanec

paul_mazanacI have spent nearly all of the last ten years in the liquor retail business. Save a one year hiatus where I lived in Monterey, CA a mere six blocks from the ocean. It was fantastic to say the least. However, the lack of all four seasons and a decent employment rate had me itching to come back to the homeland.

Shortly after my return I was hired as a driver at The Wine Company in early March of 2015. In my short time here I have come to the realization that my wine knowledge is severely lacking, but thanks to all the great people at TWC I have steadily seen an increase in what I know. Just don’t ask me to pronounce anything!

When I’m not working I pass the time at my cabin fishing, relaxing and generally being outside in the summer months. When winter comes I hunker down with my dog, Bender a nice stout and a good book….I’m always on the prowl for what I should read next. Any suggestions?

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