What goes into the making of a truly great Chianti?

As with any great wine of the world, it starts with location, planting the correct clonal material in the correct spot for maximum quality.

Then of course there are the farming systems being employed, and finding the balance between vigor and intensity in the vines.

And finally the touch of the winemaker, or lack thereof. Some Chiantis in the last ten years have evolved into a very “international” style, with loads of new oak, deep color extraction, and a dollop of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or even Syrah being added to the Sangiovese (official Chianti laws state that a Chianti must be a minimum 80% Sangiovese … the other 20% can be anything they want). On the opposite side of the spectrum are the traditionalists, who want to avoid winemaker influence at almost any cost.

One is not better than the other, simply different. But regardless of the winemaking style employed, we have the utmost respect for any producer that concentrates on making great wine in the vineyard first and foremost, and that is where this video series comes in.


Before we get into some cool lessons from Roberto Stucchi of Badia a Coltibuono, let’s define what a ‘truly great Chianti’ is. One of the more beautiful and accurate descriptions have come from Jackson Rhorbaugh in a great article for Wine Folly:

The best examples of Chianti are a visceral tasting experience. Imagine the smells as you walk through an Italian grocery store: at the entrance there’s a bowl of preserved sour Amarena cherries. You walk under bunches of dried oregano, past a wall of dark, aromatic balsamic vinegar, then pass a counter where dry salami is being sliced. At the bar, dark espresso is dripping into a ceramic tazzo. A whisper of sweet tobacco wafts in the door from the pipe of the old man outside. Chianti smells and tastes like Italy. There will be a little coarseness and tartness on the palate, but these aren’t flaws, they are classic characteristics of Sangiovese.

Spot on. And that brings us to Roberto Stucchi and Badia a Coltibuono.

Regarding intelligent and wholistic approaches to grape growing and winemaking, Stucchi is one of the leaders in the field, especially when it comes to the sub-zones of Chianti. His wines are hands-off, expressing all the good and true aromas and flavor profiles of the region.

Listening to Stucchi discuss vine growing practices is eye opening and incredibly educational.

First, a discussion of the sub zone of Giaole in Chianti, in the southeastern corner of the zone, where Badia a Coltibuono is located. Included is a fascinating talk on the “mother vineyard” where he has isolated the clones he wants to work with, and all plant material for other vineyard plantings comes from this site. (My apologies for my thumb being in the video for a bit.)

Next up, a full discussion on organic farming practices, use of cover crops, and the large number of Sangiovese clones used by Badia a Cotibuono and why. (Again, my big thumb gets in the way for just a bit, sorry about that!)

Going deeper, figuratively and literally, Stucchi discusses soil science and “reading the weeds” to identify problems and imbalances in the vineyard.

Continuing on the soil discussion, here talking about micro organisms and life content in the dirt.


cetamuraBadia a Coltibuono produces a range of wines from the Chianti region. A great all purpose wine from them is the Chianti Cetamura, available at the following locations (listed alphabetically by city, call ahead to confirm availability).

The Beanery Internet Cafe
(218) 927-7811

Noel's Bottle Shop
(218) 444-9864

Old Vine Wine & Spirits
(952) 858-8800

Team Liquor - Coon Rapids
Coon Rapids
(612) 281-6669

Dennis Brothers Liquor
Cottage Grove
(651) 458-8932

Cash Wise Liquor - Duluth
(218) 722-4507

Firehouse Liquor
(507) 645-5717

Punch Pizza - Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie
(651) 696-2921

D'amico & Sons - Edina
(952) 926-1187

The Hilltop
(952) 925-5628

D'amico & Sons - Golden Valley
Golden Valley
(763) 546-1166

Wine Cafe
(507) 345-1516

Punch Pizza - Maple Grove
Maple Grove
(763) 494-3131

3 Squares
Maple Grove
(763) 425-3330

Heritage Liquor
(651) 777-7455

Punch Pizza - East Hennepin
(612) 623-8114

Falls Liquor
(612) 729-5498

Punch Pizza - West Lake St
(612) 926-0110

(612) 379-3232

Team Liquor Wine & Spirits
(612) 375-9487

D'amico & Sons - Uptown
(612) 374-3366

Punch Pizza - Washington Ave
(612) 331-3122

Stinson Wine, Beer & Spirits
(612) 789-0678

Mcdonald Liquor Store
(612) 721-6686

Franklin-nicollet Liquors
(612) 871-1511

Longfellow Grill
(612) 916-2262

The Lowry
(612) 341-2112

Chef Shack Ranch
(763) 780-1168

Glen Lake Wine & Spirits
(952) 935-7375

U.s. Liquor & Wine
(952) 912-9797

Lunds & Byerly's - Minnetonka
(952) 541-1414

Northfield Liquors
(507) 645-5153

Oak Wine & Spirits
Oak Park Heights
(651) 439-2184

D'amico & Sons - Roseville
(651) 633-7667

Market Place Liquor
(952) 440-9860

Team Liquor W&s - Shorewood
(612) 325-0328

St Anthony Village # 1
St Anthony
(612) 782-3451

Veranda Lounge
St Cloud
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The Local Blend
St Joseph
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Knollwood Liquors
St Louis Park
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Toasted Wine+spirits+ales
St Paul
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Scott's Liquor
St Paul
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Punch Pizza - Grand
St Paul
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The Wine Thief
St Paul
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D'amico & Sons - St Paul
St Paul
(651) 374-1776

Sunrise Market
St Paul
(651) 487-1913

First Grand Liquors
St Paul
(651) 227-7039

Yarmo Liquor
St Paul
(651) 698-0707

Mgm - Vadnais Heights
Vadnais Heights
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West Side Liquor - Waite Park
Waite Park
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Punch Pizza - Wayzata
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D'amico & Sons - Wayzata
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Wayzata Wines & Spirits
(952) 473-7191

Acqua Restaurant & Wine Bar
White Bear Lake
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Punch Pizza - Woodbury
(651) 714-7986


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