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Jimmy Olson

Jimmy_OlsenAfter five years of selling wine here in the Twin Cities, I can honestly say it’s a thrill to join The Wine Company. Duke Ellington would tell you there are two kinds of music—good music and the other kind. I like the good kind.

Given my background in music, it’s hard not to think of a light, crisp Grüner Veltliner without thinking of the tasteful ease of Jobim or, say, a sublime Chet Baker vocal.

If I’m in the mood for something a bit more full-bodied, yet impeccably sound, perhaps it’s time for some Yo La Tengo, or some mid-50s hard bop (always from a trusted source).

And if it’s something ridiculously inspired I’m seeking—or just something a little off the wall (Priorat Blanc, anyone?), then I may have to put on some early Sun Ra singles, or maybe it’s time to just tear it up with a little Girl Talk.

When not out pounding the pavement, you’ll find me somewhere in the company of my lovely wife, son, and daughter–oh, and our golden/Irish wolfhound mix Buddy–be it back on the patio, at a little league game, or simply staring at a newly planted ‘helicopter’ seed.

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