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After more than a decade at The Wine Company, and a happy one at that, I suspect I know just about every one of our systems backwards and forwards -in large part because I’ve had a hand in helping build or maintain just about all of them. Then there’s the fact that some people like problem solving while others just have a knack so they get handed them. Perhaps my role here results from a bit of both?

Away from the candy-land of The Wine Company, I might be found shooting the creek in the trusty canoe with my wife Margo, daughter Grace, and our friends. I get why our cats Sam and Lulu don’t care to join us but it’s a bit of a surprise that our brindled whippet Simba doesn’t duff but I guess he’s a bit of a landlubber -not so buoyant. Off the water everything on two wheels gives me a thrill so I often cycle via pedal power or zip around on my single cylinder weather permitting.

As to the grape: I enjoy a wide array of wine when I’m not driving but lately Champagne tastes really good and over the past few years I’ve enjoyed learning the art of dégorgement à la sabrage and have had a bit of fun working down from heavy sabers to knives then demitasse spoons and now to the most delicate Riedel stemware. Buy a nice bottle to open and I’ll show you.

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