The Wine Company



I have been a member of The Wine Company family since 1992 and have served as the company’s President since 2004.

I believe the company tag line “we spit so you don’t have to” was created specifically for me, as there is digital proof confirming I am the company’s worst spitter. (In my defense, Larry and Wil are very selective about what they put in my glass so I have no reason to perfect this skill.)

I am a country girl at heart so it is only fitting that my first and most passionate love is for old world wines. I have visited countless wine regions around the world but to pick a favorite would be like saying that I have a favorite child … impossible.

Down time with my loving husband Scott is mostly spent dreaming of what we will do together when we are not working, chauffeuring, attending a sporting event and parenting. My passions are many and my bucket list continues to grow, not because I am not living but because I love to dream big.

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