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Argyle KEG Pinot Noir 1/19.5L 2017

Oregon is one of the world’s three top regions for producing Pinot Noir. The others are New Zealand and, of course, Burgundy. The cool climate in the Williamette Valley allows Pinot Noir to mature slowly and the poor soils on hill sides above a few hundred feet reduces their vigor creating delicacy and complexity in the wines. Universally Pinot Noirs share a taste profile that is dried roses, spring deciduous leaf, tea leaves and often a sweet earthiness in the nose; the flavours are from a motley palette including cherries of most any hue, sometimes truffle, gaminess and a wonderful comforting earthiness. The wines of Oregon distinguish themselves with a lovely sweet fruitiness and a silken texture.

Food Pairings

Roasted birds are a preternatural match but Pinot Noir goes with any number of dishes ranging from those incorporating wild game and foraged mushrooms to veal stews or grilled fleshy fish. For a classic cheese pairing hunt down some Epoisse...

Where to find this wine

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