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Baumard Quarts de Chaume 6/750 2002

Chenin blanc fooled me for years; ubiquitous cheap Vouvray wine or pabulum from California, complete yawners. When I first tasted Coulee de Serrant, it was incredulous that this ethereal wine was made from Chenin blanc wine. It took several more slaps along side the head for me to finally profess a deep admiration for the potential of this grape. It can range from sublime sweet wines such as Quartes de Chaume, or Moelleux Vovray to divinely dry Savennieres. Beyond the varying sweetness the flavours can be apple, melon, pear even honey.

Food Pairings

Raw oysters, no kidding. Seafood salads. Asian foods, trout, smoked fish, chicken.

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