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Domaine la Barroche Signature Chat-du-Pape 2015

When grown in Provence, you may not be surprised to learn Grenache can show a floral quality hinting at violets. Making fleshy, very fruity wines with nuances of strawberry in the nose and black berry and currants in the flavor, Grenache is an oxidative grape so the varietal wines of pure Grenache tend to age rapidly taking on an orange hue but until that day they are juicy and inviting. Provence seems a clement clime for all of us including Grenache.

Food Pairings

Steaks, pasta with meat sauces, sausages the spicier the better. Barbecued ribs or chicken. Burgers and brats.

Where to find this wine

Accounts that have purchased this wine in the previous twelve months are listed below, alphabetically by city. Please call ahead to confirm availability or vintage

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North Oaks

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