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Figueirasse Gris de Gris Rose 2019

Sustainable | Vin de Sables is named for wine of the sand because this rosé is from vines planted in the sands of Camargue -the little pocket betwixt the Mediterranean and the Rhône Delta. While the Camargue is renowned for its ancient breed of wild horses that roam the marshlands or for its Fleur de Sel salts which ladies harvest by lifting their aprons up and away from them, their rosés are charming and unique in all the world. What more could one possibly wish from a pale rosé? White cherries, snappy kumquats and floral heights lend much to this tactile and bright rosé; with its chirping mouthfeel and beguiling aroma, this is lofty and lifted. What complexity for such a delicate creature with wisps of saltwater taffy, fresh watermelon, red plums, a quenching minerality, and a tangerine acidity. Bright, balanced and refreshing this has a polish from first sip through the finish that would be just right for spicy or exotic cuisine, Bouillabaisse, or lamb chops with Provençal herbs.

Food Pairings

Steaks, pasta with meat sauces, sausages the spicier the better. Barbecued ribs or chicken. Burgers and brats.

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