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Momokawa Pearl Sake 12/750 - 1073

Artful fermentations require a keen eye and steady hand to make sure temperatures, alcohol and yeast activity keep an even keel and yield a beautiful, fragrant sake with body, flavor, balance and a lingering grace. Sake compliments food and a table of friends as few libations can. Sake has less acidity than wine, contains no sulfites, generally hovers around 15% alcohol and can express every shade of texture, flavor and fragrance. In order to preserve these delicate qualities, we take great pains to bring sake the way its toji intend. From our shipping containers coming from Japan all the way to our temperature controlled warehouse we keep it cool to guarantee your sake arrives in ideal condition. Rather than drinking it warm the way your grandfather might have done, serve premium sake slightly chilled to reveal more of its delicate subtlety, inviting ways and all the pleasures it possesses.

Food Pairings

Sashimi but not sushi. Shrimp even deep fried. Clams, scallops, oysters raw or cooked.

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