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Ott Gruner Veltliner Am Berg 2014

The most widely planted grape in Austria; I forecast that other growing regions may try this grape but the results are likely to be unimpressive as is mostly the case when this happens with the disctinct exception of Malbec and Petite Verdot in Argentina. Gruner, as it's called for short or GruVe if you're really cool, has a bouquet distinctly white pepper, citrus and sorrel. These are echoed in the mouth along with beans, iron and minerality. It is similar in body and texture to Riesling and like Riesling is a terrific food wine. Also, like Riesling don't be afraid of older examples. Gruner Veltliner ages beautifully and oh so slowly.

Food Pairings

Anything that "stinks up your house when you are cooking it," Terry Theise. Asian food, ham, smoked meats or fish.

Where to find this wine

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