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Ponsot Morey St Denis Luisant Vieille Vignes 2010

From Aligote vines planted 99 years before this vintage was harvested, MOREY SAINT DENIS CLOS DES MONTS LUISANTS is a MONOPOLE renowned for its marvelous and inimitable charms unique to this one of a kind world class Aligote planted to 2 1/2 acres of limestone and clay in 1911 and thereafter tended according to sustainable, organic and biodynamic methods from the viticulture among the vines and the enology of the cellar.

Minimal intervention is de rigueur so nothing stands between us and the pristine Monopole terroir. Manually harvested into wicker baskets and then gently pressed in a 1945 vertical press employing neither lab yeast nor enzyme, neither chaptilization nor acidification. Aged in old oak barrels (5 to 20 years old) the Morey St Denis Luisant Vieille Vignes is then blended under nitrogen and never fined, filtered or subjected to even the smallest addition of SO²...this is ready to approach from 2015 but will evolve through 2060.

Food Pairings

Lobster and crayfish
Turbot soufflé in sauce Champagne
Sea Food

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