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Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

This vineyard is a perfect example of a rough and rugged mountain vineyard that produces wine with tons of character. It was planted in 1981 on a very steep hillside on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains a little northeast of Monte Bello Ridge. It is an old fashioned vineyard with head-trained vines with no trellis wires – the site is too steep to have wires as tractors need to be able to cultivate either direction depending on the slope.

The yields are very low which results in very intense wine. This release has a lot of Cabernet fruit laced around other complexities. Cassis is an over-used adjective for wines, yet we feel it applies to the fruit in this wine. It has great berry character, but also an intriguing earthy element like you find with cassis. The wine has many layers once it wakes up, including complexities of anise, vanilla and some chaparral herbs. This is a rugged and feisty Cabernet Sauvignon for hearty meals now, or it will continue to age gracefully in the cellar for many years, easily going for two to three decades if properly cellared.

Food Pairings

Meat, meat, meat but especially lamb and beef. Game birds, duck, goose, squab. Anything with lots of rosemary.

Where to find this wine

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