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Situated in Petite Camargue, between an old arm of the Rhone (active until the 16th century and is now called the Dead Rhône of Saint Roman) and the sea, the Domaine de Figueirasse is named for a fig plantation which operated in the 19th century.

At the end 19th century, vineyards were decimated by phylloxera, and only the vines in the sands resisted this phenomenon. They then appeared in Petite Camargue due to the sandy soil, and Figueirasse then took another dimension with viticulture. It was at that time a property of fifty acres.

The Saumade family, owners since 1905, began to expand the planting area by leveling the land on 75 more acres, and doubled the capacity of the cellar. Over time, the Domaine Figueirasse was equipped with every sort of modern winemaking equipment, and today produces wines of great quality befitting the name Vin de Sables.

This area now has 135 acres of vineyards and a land of great originality: composed entirely of sand from wind, very poor and drained, but with a great quality potential. The close proximity of the sea, less than 650 feet, allows the vines to withstand the summer drought due to moisture laden sea breezes.

The Sables Gris Gris is produced exclusively from Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan. The harvest is carried out to a degree of maturity and early at night to get fresh and fruity wines and is then immediately pressed to extract a first drop of juice, delicately tinted a pale salmon pink, characteristic of Gris Gris of sands. The juice is then rapidly separated from lees (solid parts) to obtain a clear juice, for fermentation at 16/18 ° C for two to three weeks.

The Figueirasse Estate is a very remote land, and boasts iodine spray of the sea that have a sanitizing effect on the vine. The vineyard work area starts just after the harvest, with grass cover between the rows with barley and rye, to protect the sand from erosion by wind. Later in the spring, they will be buried by the passage the rotovator (no chemical weed control). Observation and monitoring of vines allow organic farming, to tailor treatments if necessary.

-Domaine de Figueirasse

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