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Eugenie | Chateau

The Couture family has been making wines here for 500 years. Winemaker Jerome Couture creates profound expressions of one of France’s famous, traditional ”black wines”. He is an enthusiastic proponent of the newest micro-oygenation technology to bring out the best in the stern Malbec grape. Chateau Eugénie’s oldest vines grow on parcels on the hillsides. Younger vines come from the terraces adjacent to the Lot river valley on its left bank.

Ancient oak foudres impart some oak flavors without overpowering the fruit. Eugénie Etiquette Noire is a traditional expression of Malbec grape. Reserve de l’Aieul (“The Wine of our Ancestors”) comes from Eugénie’s oldest vines on the hillside parcels. These are chewy, enormous wines that Vincent Couture recommends you open at lunchtime if you are planning on serving them at dinner! Enjoy them now or put them down for your child’s 21st birthday party.

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