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Bournac | Chateau

Château Bournac, a Cru Bourgeois du Médoc, was bought in 1975 by Pierre Secret, a cereal farmer before he turned to wine. In 1982, his two elder sons set up their own vineyard, prompted by the same desire to make a Médoc wine, Château la Chandelliére. Bruno, the younger son, took over Bournac in 1990. He worked to enhance the reputation of the cru until 2007. He then sold his business to his brothers and nephews who, as a GAEC joint farming venture, share the different tasks to produce quality wines year after year. Now their vines average 35 years and the blend is made up of the vine plantings 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35 Merlot planted to calcareous clay soil and subsoil with an easterly and westerly aspect. Couple that with a warm, humid climate with plenty of sunshine and it is easy to see how these heliotropic grapes take to this little parcel -they're made for one another.

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