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The Vina Eguia winery and vineyards were established in 1973 in Elciego and purchased by Bodegas Muriel in 2010. Elciego is a historic village in the Rioja Alavesa, which borders the Spanish “Basque” region, and the language spoken there often includes Basque words, such as “Eguia” which means “truth.” The brand is symbolized by an open hand over the label, which is in the shape of an open book – analogous to putting one’s hand on a bible to swear to the truth of what one is saying.

Rioja wines are classified based on aging in oak barrels and then in bottle.

Crianza: Wines that have been aged 12-18 months in oak barrels, and at least another year in bottle or tank.

Reserva: Wines that have been aged in oak barrels 18-24 months , and 12-24 months in bottle or tank.

Gran Reserva: Wines that have been aged in oak barrels 24-36 months, and 36 months in bottle.

Guarantee of Origin: Guanrantees the DOC Rioja origin and vintage of the wine.

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