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Grow world-class wine gapes in Washington state?! Isn't it too cold, too north, too wet? NO! With the Cascades running north to south and dividing Washington state into east-west quadrants, Columbia Valley wine grapes thrive under the protection of the Cascades’ giant rain shield. Annual rainfall averages 6 to 8 inches allowing vineyard managers to use irrigation to dial up grape flavors. In addition to summer temperatures that hover in the mid-80s, the area enjoys more than 300 cloudless days a year and long daylight hours because of its northern latitude. As grapes finish ripening in the fall, evening temperatures can drop by as much as 30 to 40 degrees. These cool nighttime temperatures protect the grapes’ natural acidity making for balanced wines that are not only lively in their youth but also age well. The net effect is a growing region found only in a handful of places around the world that is perfect for growing vinifera wine grapes.
Winery owner Tom Alberg is a Seattle attorney who founded Madrona Venture Group, a company that has built its business around technology. Tom and his wife Judi share a life-long passion for wine, a commitment to quality in all things, and a deep-seated connection to the Pacific Northwest. Their vision for Novelty Hill is to craft limited quantities of artisan wines and to make a contribution in the on-going quality of Washington wines.
"One sure way to count on early success is to hire a great winemaker. That’s what Novelty Hill did when it enlisted the services of Mike Januik." -Wine Press Northwest, Fall 2003
As a result of Mike’s years of experience in the Columbia Valley, Novelty Hill is able to source grapes from some of the region’s most acclaimed sites. On their own, these are grapes of exceptional character. When blended together under the experienced hand of this winemaker, a rich, complex wine results.

Available Wines

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