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Geographically speaking, Saint Georges Saint-Emilion is right next to the most famous plateau of the right bank. The Barbanne spring separates the two – the same natural boundary that separates Pomerol from Saint-Emilion. The clay and limestone terroir extends over the ridges that excite and inspire connoisseurs. Saint Georges’s heritage dates back to Roman times, when it became recognised for strong character and humbleness, a wine maker’s soil whose secret lives on. The result is Bordeaux’s most secretive appellation, with just 190 hectares and 20 producers.

Vineyard: Total surface of 19 Ha: 86 % Merlot / 14 % Cabernet Franc. 

Density of plantation: 5,500 to 6,666 plants/ha

Average age of the vineyard: 33 years

Soil: Clayey and chalky. South exposure for 12 Ha and SW exposure for 7 Ha

Cultural methods: Ploughing of the soil, controlled deliberate grass growth, 2 cluster thinning (one at the closure of the grape clusterand one at the beginning of veraison). Leaves are thinned out at rising sun when lower buds appear.

Yield: 47 hl/ha

Harvest: Early October for Merlot & Mid to Late October for Cabernet Franc

Winemaking: Double sorting of the crop: in the vineyard and at the winery. Punching of the caps every 3 hours until 1070 density, then every 6 hours until 1050 density and once a day until 1000 density.

Temperature during alcoholic fermentations: 27°C max Vatting period: 20 to 27 days.

Ageing: Coopers: Demptos: 60 %, Darnajou: 20 %, Remond: 20 %. Maturation on lees until spring. No fining

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