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Saladini Pilastri Winery

Count Saladini Pilastri's farm began three centuries ago; the land has always produced wine. Originally the tenant farmers gave up their wine to the Counts so they could age it in the so called "barriques", the famous durmast barrel.

The Saladini Pilastri winery binds the knowledge of an ancient tradition with the guarantee of advanced technology. The wines born on this small parcel of Marche land are exported to America, Europe and Asia and they are appreciated by the most sophisticated tastes. The flavour of this wine unites the perfumes and colours of its land, the care with which it is produced and the knowledge of an ancient art.

The limestone hills of Spinetoli and the rolling, sunny hills of Monte Prandone and Porto d'Ascoli, where the actual 320 hectares of Saladini Pilastri's winery extend creates wines of a very high quality.

The creation of this high quality product comes about not only thanks to the cooling at controlled temperatures, to the stainless steel tanks and the aging of the prestigious red wine, but also thanks to the precious collaboration of the wine-expert (oenologist) Mr. Alberto Antonini.

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