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It was in 1808, under Appoline Henriot, that Champagne Henriot was officially founded. She was the niece of the very famous Abbé Godinot, an erudite man who contributed to improvements in viticulture and the making of the Champagne wine. Appoline, an enterprising woman of great character, sold her wines both in France and abroad.

The champagne wines became a huge success with royalty and it was only natural that Champagne Henriot became the favorite firstly at the Dutch court, then in Austria and Hungary with the Hapsburgs.

In 1875, Ernest enlarged the company's holdings and developed the House. At the end of the 19th century, the phylloxera crisis reached the Champagne vineyards but Emile Marguet, (father in law to Paul Henriot) was one of the first to reconstitute his vineyards with grafted stock.

From then on and from generation to generation, the House of Henriot has devoted all its talent to creating the most superb wines from grapes carefully selected from the great "terroirs" on the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs.

The strength of Henriot rests in its 220 acres of vineyards that includes prized sites in the crus of Le Mesnil, Oger, Chouilly, Avize, and Vertus. Their holdings account for three-quarters of their production requirements and include a high (40%) portion of Chardonnay, a factor which gives Henriot Champagne their subtlety, freshness and verve, as well as the foundation for extended aging after disgorgement.

Champagne Henriot slowly ages in the cool, calm obscurity of the Gallo-Roman cellars in Reims. This process can last anywhere between three and ten years, sometimes more.

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