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Domaine Drouhin Oregon

As a wine region, and for Pinot Noir to excel, Oregon possesses one absolutely essential element - climate. Under optimum conditions (temperate weather during the day and cool nights), this vine thrives in Oregon and develops the best possible varietal character and finesse.

The Domaine is situated on a slope facing south, in the "Red Hills" of the Willamette Valley, 30 miles southwest of Portland. The emphasis is on the cultivation of the vine: selection of clones and graft-bearers, plantation density, style of pruning, ploughing. As an example, one of the most striking particularities of the Domaine is its vine density, probably the highest in Oregon, if not the United States.

As soon as its first vintage, 1988, was released, Domaine Drouhin Oregon achieved world-wide recognition. One great vintage after another has steadily added to the Domaine's fame. 


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