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Pedroncelli Winery has come a long way since 1927, when John Pedroncelli, Sr. purchased vineyards and a small winery in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley. Two elements from 70 years ago remain unchanged, however: the exceptional place the Pedroncelli family grows grapes, and the family’s dedication to making fine wines. The vineyards that attracted John Sr. have been expanded and improved by his sons, John and Jim, and the Pedroncelli brothers now cultivate 135 acres of vines. Since gaining their first wine business experience alongside their father, they have been quiet innovators—marketing wine under the Pedroncelli label in the 1950s and introducing premium varietal wines in the 1960s, to name two. Their willingness to take the winery in new directions only demonstrates their dedication to quality.

In the 1980s, long term relationships were fashioned with top Dry Creek Valley growers to assure a steady supply of prime grapes. The 1990s found the family slowly replanting the estate vineyards, taking advantage of their unsurpassed knowledge of Dry Creek Valley to match grape varieties and trellis systems to specific sites. Their dedication to quality, to producing distinctive, consistent wines is unquestionable, but their wines also represent very good value. Having been in the business so long their costs of production are lower than most wineries, but the real reason is more personal—they just like to see people enjoy wine every day with their meals. They keep their wines value-oriented so they remain affordable to the majority of consumers.

By the way, Jim Pedroncelli, as far as we know, is the only California winery principal to be a near-victim of a walk-by shooting while visiting Minnesota!

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