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I’m a proud dad of two kids, Sophia and Jack, and one rather large white lab named Bubba. For over 20 years, I’ve been a working musician/singer-songwriter by night while staying home with the kids by day. Now that they’re both in their teen years, I’m happy to rejoin the workforce full-time and even happier to be part of the CWS crew. It can be hard work for an old chap like me but, like someone somewhere probably said sometime, “there’s nothing wrong with being tired at the end of the day”. Having played music in bars for so many years, I’ve been more of a “beer and a shot” kinda guy and hardly a wine connoisseur. But I do know what I like and I’m eager to explore more varieties.

When I’m not working, gigging, or parenting, I enjoy spending time with my amazing girlfriend. Whether we’re cooking, enjoying the outdoors, listening to old records, checking out live music, or binge watching some Netflix series… she’s the one who bringing class to the mix!

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