Our new site is now live, and we’ve had an incredible response from around the world (and especially from our hometown fans in Minnesota). Some of you have privately asked us a very interesting question: What is a wholesaler/importer doing with a website like this?

It’s a good question, and we think there is a good answer.

In today’s society, the flow of information is instantaneous. On top of that, when it comes to wine, there is quite a bit of misinformation, pompousness, and general bragging going on. We intend, at least with our world and our wines, to be a source of consistently clean and concise wine discussion as part of this information river.  We want to introduce you to what we do, who we represent, and what we stand for.

Who are we writing to? Well, you, of course. You’ve read this far, and that shows you are interested in what we are doing. Maybe you’re a consumer (with good tastes … you’re on our site! ;)). Maybe you’re a retailer or restaurant in Minnesota. Maybe you’re a winery we represent, or one looking for new distribution. In the end, who we are talking to are what we call “wine influencers.” If you love wine and the stories and community it brings, our site is for you. We aim to educate and enlighten.

Welcome to our new website. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss a thing. We constantly post on Facebook, and even more so on Twitter. For the truly ambitious, check out our You Tube page, or our Pinterest boards.

Most importantly, thank you for your interest in The Wine Company. We do things a little different here, and we want to share it with the world.

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