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MAN Vintners Pinotage 2021

Pinotage is wonderful for its refreshing balance, variegated fruit, and herbal complexity. In a time when Pinotage has sadly come to mean reeky Biltong and roasted rubber tires, it is crucial that Artisan Vineyards continues to stock only the most nuanced selections from South Africa. Sage, thyme and rosemary can lend a savoury complexity to the supple red cherries and mellow ripe plums of this rare cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. With just a touch of that smoky forest floor a nice Pinotage makes a sure hit with any and I mean any flesh or veggies bearing grill marks.

Food Pairings

The winemakers suggest serving this red slightly cool with grilled fish even oysters dosed with tobasco. Curries and dishes with chilies.

Where to find this wine

Accounts that have purchased this wine in the previous twelve months are listed below, alphabetically by city. Please call ahead to confirm availability or vintage

Edina # 2 - York

Edina # 3 - Vernon

Liquor Barn
Long Lake

Solo Vino
Saint Paul

Scandia Olde Towne Liquor

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