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L'Ermite d'Auzan Rose Costieres de Nimes 2021

One wonders if Syrah might have been the first domesticated grape. Its origins in the Fertile Crescent suggests this as a possibility. Joining wheat, barley, lentils and many other food staples arising from this area Syrah shares a heritage that could be said to have fostered civilization. So approach it with reverence. Particular to the Rhone Valley in France it can be said that wines that are entirely or predominately Syrah are often full-bodied and quite flavourful with spices, black fruits and a distinctive black pepper nuance. Aromas are any or all of violets, black berries, chocolate, espresso and black pepper.

Food Pairings

Winged beasties with dark meat like duck, goose, squab, and griffins. Hooved game. Roasted meats.

Where to find this wine

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Cub Wine & Spirits - Stillwater

Cotroneo's Wine & Spirits
White Bear Lake

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