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Chateau d'Auvernier

Owner Thierry Grosjean endeavors to promote the image of Neuchâtel wines. He has great confidence in the resources of the Neuchâtel vineyard and believes in its future. Apart from its wine-producing image, he considers Auvernier Castle part of the history of the village.

DESCRIPTION: The Chasselas Fendant Roux is of Oriental origin and was brought back to Switzerland by the Crusaders. The grapes are harvested by hand. After being carefully cleaned, yeast is added to the must, then it is fermented at a carefully regulated temperature of about 18°C. The maturing of this wine on fine lees at a low temperature enables us to preserve its slightly sparkling character on the tongue.

GRAPE VARIETY: Chasselas Fendant Roux

FOOD PAIRINGS: This is a cheerful wine. Just the thing for aperitifs. It goes well with grilled or broiled fish and all kinds of shellfish. Perfect with cheese, it rounds off the evening on a joyful note.

TASTING NOTES: The Neuchâtel Blanc, which is light in color with an aroma of lime, is a light fruity wine with just a hint of a sparkle due to its maturing on lees. To be consumed within three years. Serving temperature 10°-12°C.

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