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HISTORY: Château de Campuget in Costieres de Nimes is a beautiful wine property dating back to 1640. The soil is typical for the region, with many stones that force roots to find water deep in the lower layers of clay, contributing additional character to the wine. The property is managed by Jean-Lin Dalle, assisted by his son Franck-Lin, named after one of Jean-Lin's heroes, Benjamin Franklin. Château de Campuget which has belonged to the Dalle family since 1941, produces AOC Costieres de Nimes wines. BELIEFS: The Dalle family makes every effort to produce wines that are true to the "terroir" of the Costieres de Nimes. NOTES: Château de Campuget wines are produced by respecting tradition while utilizing the most modern oenological techniques. Although equipped with stainless-steel tanks and modern tools, wines are made and matured in a traditional way, and quality is strictly controlled from the vineyard to the bottle. Chateau De Campuget's main varieties are Syrah and Grenache Noir for the grapevines classified in AOC. For white wines, the company uses Roussanne and Grenache Blanc in Costieres de Nimes and Chardonnay in Vin de Pays. REGION DESCRIPTION: The vineyard of 160 hectares is situated in the heart of the AOC area, between Nimes and Arles, a few kilometers from the right side of the Rhone river. The main characteristic of the "terroir" is its soil, formed by an accumulation of round stones smoothed by many overflows of the Rhone river during the quaternary era. This soil allows grapevines to establish their roots deep enough to find the water they need for growing. At the same time, they profit from the sunny Mediterranean climate, essential for the proper maturation of the grapes. - WINERY NOTES COMPLIMENTS OF DREYFUS-ASHBY

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