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A native of Arcata, California in Humboldt County. Where’s that? Basically, you fly into San Francisco, rent a car and drive up a windy 300 miles north towards Oregon and there she be.  The foggy, drippy and tree-covered part of California.  A strange, but good place to be.

Be that as it may, I have travelled all over the Western US at some point or another.  I have seen a little of Canada and Mexico (not enough).  I have done the drive all the way around Lake Superior (beautiful and quiet, I would do it again anytime) and I love northern Minnesota generally.  I have seen bits of most of Western Europe and a lot of France specifically.  I have never seen Spain or Portugal and I they are on my list.   I have also heard great things about Croatia (I have some peoples there I have been told).  South America has always fascinated me as well…Travelling is such a good way to reset your perspective in general.

I love so many things about my job. I absolutely love the personalities in this market.  The human, one-on-one dynamics that shape each and every day.  They always keeps things fresh and interesting for me.  I also really love educating people and sharing my love and enthusiasm for the products that we sell.  Sparking a little of that interest in others is always motivating.

My favorite wines are generally anything with fresh acidity and minerality.  But specifically Northern Rhone Syrah and just about every Nebbiolo I’ve ever tasted. I love all kinds of food.  Spicy, exotic, rich, or fresh…mainly I just prefer authentic homemade wholesome versions of whatever style of food it is.  Good food.  The first thing that comes to mind is a delicious creamy wild mushroom soup with a properly funky red burgundy.

When I’m not out and about sharing wines and spirits, I am spending time with my family.  I am outdoorsy so I love to go hiking, chanterelle hunting, backpacking, and canoeing in BWCA.  I also play some tennis in the summer months as well.

I have two sons…Max, my almost 16 year old, and Remi, who is 16 months old.  The love of my world is Debbie (mom of Remi), and she also rounds out my family with her own five boys (Cameron, Austin, Nate, Aiden, and Slater) for whom I am the Dude/Dad of the house.  We combine forces and bring a lot of Boy Power to bear.

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