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Direct Import Program

In terms of what sets The Wine Company apart, our direct import program perhaps shows it best.  For over twenty years we have invested our time and resources to travel to the great wine regions of the world, to meet families that share similar visions to ours, and purchase their wine to bring directly into Minnesota.

As a result, there are many wines handled only by The Wine Company, and unavailable in many other markets (including New York and California).  There are few fine wine distributors that do this with the commitment, dedication, and investment as us.

The logistics are immense, and the cost to us is significant, but we believe the end results are some of the best values in the world of wine.  By eliminating the import middleman, we are able to show a far greater ‘bang for the buck’ factor with these wines.

And it doesn’t stop there.  In the late 1990’s we foresaw a problem in the world of Pinot Grigio as the grape became so popular and labels kept switching importers.  To solve the problem, we carefully searched for the best winemaker with the best vineyard resources to produce a wine that we own and control.  Santa di Terrossa Pinot Grigio was born, and it represents a wine that our customers can depend on vintage after vintage.  In the future, we aim to expand this self-sourcing as new opportunities emerge.

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