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We produce a plethora of videos in-house at The Wine Company to help you understand the world of wine (and our wineries in particular). Enjoy and have fun!

OUR “BEST OF” COLLECTION — A collection of our favorite videos (click on the upper left of the image for the table of contents).


WIL BAILEY’S WINE EDUCATION SERIES — check out the videos of our Portfolio Director Wil Bailey teaching us about the wines of the world (the first one, World of Riesling in Under Two Minutes, is a┬áparticular blast)


NOTABLE NOSES — interviews with interesting wine and food people in the style of “In The Actor’s Studio”


THE “SAINT THIBAULT” COLLECTION — highlighting our July celebration of French wines and grilled foods. The date reveal videos are always a blast to watch.


AN AUSTRIAN WINE EDUCATION — a great way to learn about the grapes, regions, people, and foods of Austria


JUST FOR LAUGHS — our favorite videos to enjoy with a glass of wine

Want more? Check out our YouTube Channel!





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