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Where we deliver

Where do we deliver? Everywhere! (in Minnesota, that is)

Our fleet of delivery vehicles from Cooperative Warehouse Services delivers to over 95% of the populated areas of the state of Minnesota, and we cover the rest of the state with private couriers.

We have the ability to effectively service 100% of the state of Minnesota. From the old forests near the Boundary Waters, to the prairie of Southwestern Minnesota, we cover it all.

For those of you not familiar with Minnesota, here’s an interesting fact (which will win you a beer at a bar if you play it right): we are the only state with three river drainage directions. The Red River of the North flows through the northwest corner of our state and ends up in Hudson Bay. The rivers and streams that go toward Lake Superior end up over Niagara Falls and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean. And of course the Mississippi River begins in Itasca State Park before starting its journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

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