The Wine Company

Why The Wine Company?

There are many reasons Minnesota wine retailers and restaurants do business with The Wine Company. When polled, their top answers include:

1) Local family-ownership since its founding in 1985. 

2) A well-rounded wine portfolio, focused on smaller family-owned and operated wineries, many of which farm organically, biodynamically, or sustainably.

3) A commitment to traveling every year to taste new vintages before making purchasing decisions.

4) Temperature controlled warehouse, and a delivery routing system that optimizes fuel efficiency. Additionally, we own the cooperative style warehouse, renting space to four other small wine distributors, allowing delivery of multiple companies products without needing multiple trucks on the street.

5) An incredible support staff. From menu and shelftalker design in house, to social media expertise and consultation, we take care of our customers like no other distribution house.

6) The front edge of technology to help sell wine. This includes a mobilized website that allows floor staff full access to information on the go, an internal cloud-based storage system that allows the sales reps instant access to key information via their iPads and phones, and an email communication system to make sure our customers always know the latest and greatest news from The Wine Company.

7) Incredible education not only for our customers but ourselves as well. We taste constantly, many times blind, to keep our senses sharp and know how our wine compares to others in the market.

8) Unique events and seminars. These range from bringing in top Oregon winemakers for ‘Oregon Pinot Camp in Minnesota’, to the first Social Media Wine Summit in the state. We are constantly innovating to offer more than just the usual ‘show and tell’ of wine events.

9) Wines that consistently over-deliver for the price.  If there is one thing that sets us apart for many, this is it. Throughout our portfolio you’ll find wines that consistently over-deliver in their price to quality ratio. We do this by being picky and tasting every wine every  year, and occasionally making the tough decision to step away from an established product because its quality has gone down.

10) A company attitude of constant innovation and creativity. Open discussions abound in our company environment. It’s a environment where all employees are allowed to express their opinions openly and honestly, knowing that we don’t have dozens of layers of management weighing them down. Everybody’s door, from the portfolio director’s to the president’s,  is always open.



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