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At first glance, The Wine Company is what meets the eye: a warm ensemble of friendly professionals who together act as one well-oiled machine, and yet, it is so much more. This comes with hard work, daily intention, and time. With over thirty five years of experience importing a full spectrum of fine wine and craft spirits and distributing them across Minnesota, The Wine Company also proves a passionate springboard of knowledge, business expertise, and the veritable treasure-trove of a portfolio that reads like a wish list for every oenophile, mixologist, and all who are simply curious to enjoy what joys the world has to offer.

Since the earliest beginnings, Larry Colbeck sourced memorable wines made by families at the helm of terroir-driven estates. Never losing sight that wine is first and foremost a food and belongs on our daily tables, The Wine Company has remained devoted to provenance and the typicity that earned each appellation their renown in the first place. Over the years this enthusiasm grew to include a complete portfolio craft spirits emphasizing the small-is-beautiful artisanal scale whose expressions are all the better for it.

Many “About Us” messages end at honoring a company for its actions; after all, we are what we do. What might be lost ending there is that The Wine Company is so much more than expert wholesaler. We are our longstanding friendships and loyal partnerships. We are those people you often see and with whom you discuss ideas. We are those who regularly host every sort of tasting from intimate and educational to exploratory and heroic. We are always personal because The Wine Company is a family of families and this deeper connection unites us in ways lost on those who are simply caught up in merely moving boxes.

Instead, The Wine Company proves itself a family, a lifestyle, and even a charitable force for good in the world, not only in how it gives but gathers others to join us in helping noble causes. The Wine Company is all about cooking, eating, drinking, and fellowship, devoted to gathering around tables and pulling corks, getting wrapped up in blind tastings and playful wine trials that prove the tide that lifts all ships and lets us have a laugh doing it. Beyond all these high times, we have persevered through all sorts of ups and downs over our 35+ years and the lessons learned from this experience stand by as resources for you so we can all thrive together. In essence, our About Us is about US as the whole and we are excited to gather and do this together.

For a glimpse into who we are and what we are all about, please explore our website to learn more about our philosophy, our warehouse facilities, our staff, and of course our wines and spirits. Keep up with our blog, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and join in our wine conversations. If you have any questions about our services or products, always feel free to contact us or call 651-487-1212. Thank you!


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