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What makes us different

The Wine Company was founded in 1985 with a clear goal: offer wines of exceptional provenance, integrity, and distinction to the most discriminating retailers and restaurants of Minnesota. 

We are proud of our unwavering commitment to these core principals, our history, and our ties to our local, national, and international wine community.

In the over 25 years since the founding of The Wine Company by Larry Colbeck and a collective of wine lovers, the focus and mission have changed little but our reach and influence have multiplied many times over.  What started as a tiny operation with a handful of wineries has become a major factor in the Minnesota wine industry.  Of particular note:

* We were the first to combine importation of European micro-estates and distribution in Minnesota, seeking out integrity filled wineries (especially in France) and bringing them directly into our state.  Even today, thanks to The Wine Company, there are dozens of wines you can only find in Minnesota but not in New York City, San Francisco, or Chicago.

* We have the most experienced staff in the state, well traveled and incredibly knowledgeable. Their backgrounds run the gamut from restaurant general management and sommeliers to retail superstars. They are respected by accounts and competition alike.  With a focus on customer education, we have a sales staff like no other.

* Our portfolio manager, Wil Bailey, is ruthless in his decisions and will only bring in wines that fit the mission statement and philosophy of the company.  Great pride is taken in his portfolio management, and he has been identified by many winery managers as possibly the most knowledgeable and strategic wine buyer in the country.

* We have bridged the information gap between the wholesaler and the end consumer by hosting public events and educational seminars in many locations throughout the state, year after year.  We view our role in the Minnesota wine scene with a wide angle lens, and our commitment doesn’t stop when we simply ship you a case of wine.

* We were the first wholesaler in the country to design a complete mobile website that integrates our tasting note database with specific account purchase history.  Bringing accurate information to our customers and end consumers is our goal, and our mobile website does it flawlessly.

Thank you for your interest in The Wine Company, and we hope this website helps you understand further who we are.  If you have any questions please contact us for more information.


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