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Explore your inner Faust

Faust-1“Explore my inner Faust?”

Aren’t we all a bit devilish? Perhaps you’re neither a doctor nor prepared to make a deal with the devil, but all who know that there is more to life than this surely see why any one of us like Dr. Faustus might make a deal with Mephistopheles for knowledge, power and pleasure.

What gleams is the moment’s, born to be

Soon lost; true gold lives for posterity. 

Rest assured: despite the breadth of our enticing portfolio and the depth of knowledge you will no doubt plumb, one will never compromise your moral compass or good character. The Wine Company is but here to bring you along for the ride; tasting, exploring and enjoying our wines simply brings the far corners of the world to your cellar, to your table, and to your glass –rewarding the inquisitive with the better, more memorable wines.


As seekers who scour vine clad hills the world over and venture deep into the cellars far below, we taste from barrel and import only the wines we wish to drink –wines that move us and speak to our very souls. Please note: we ask not for your soul –only a chance to reach it with wines that will redefine pleasure and purpose. There is no need to make your mark on any dotted line to sign away eternity but seeing as you wish to learn more (about us, our wines, and our devilish tasting events)  simply sign up for our email newsletter to access new worlds of pleasure –without risking any deals with Mephistopheles.  We make it ever so easy to join us in our journey. Like us on Facebook or better yet join our email list to open the world of wine opportunity to you.

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