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Bordeaux is a region we are passionate about, evidenced by the fact that we have found a wonderful little grouping of wineries that we are self-importing to Minnesota. With Bordeaux, we don’t play in the grey market, and we don’t play in the upper stratospheres of pricing. We seek out and deliver bang for the buck, wines that over deliver in all aspects.


Chateau Bournac

Chateau Boutisse

Chateau Damase

Chateau Despagne

Chateau Haut Lagrange

Lyonnat Lussac

Chateau Menota

Chateau Mondesir

Chateau Mondesir-Gazin

Chateau Moulins des Richards

Chateau Pedesclaux

Chateau Piochet

Chateau Recougne

Chateau Suduiraut

Chateau Tour d’Auron

Chateau Trebiac

Petite Chapeau

Tour de Mirambeau


If you are a retailer or restaurant in Minnesota and would like to purchase these wines, please contact us for more information.

If you are a consumer outside of Minnesota, these wines and hundreds more are readily available to you through local Minnesota retailers. Let us know the wine you are after and we will let you know who has carried it in the past twelve months.

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