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Rhône Valley

The Rhone reminds me of The Planet of the Apes, desolate and forbidding.  Some bits are so stony that only really desperate people would try to plant things there.  The wines bear the majesty of persevering, of rising above hardship.  They are often profound wines yet one always senses that there is more than they show you.  Intriguing in the north, beguiling in the south.” – Larry Colbeck


Domaine des Accoles

Chateau de Beaucastel

Cachette du Rhone

Chateau de Campuget

Chateau L’Ermitage

Clos du Mont Olivet

Domaine Clusel-Roch

Domaine Courtois

Domaine E. Guigal

Domaine Saint Prefert

Emmanuel Darnaud

Pierre Gaillard

La Vielle Ferme (Perrin et Fils)

Perrin et Fils

Perrin Jaboulet

Vignerons de Tavel


If you are a retailer or restaurant in Minnesota and would like to purchase these wines, please contact us for more information.

If you are a consumer outside of Minnesota, these wines and hundreds more are readily available to you through local Minnesota retailers. Let us know the wine you are after and we will let you know who has carried it in the past twelve months.

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