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Central and Southeast Spain

The high central plains of Spain (otherwise known as The Maseta, which includes the area of La Mancha) is a region rich in culture and justifiably famous for its wine production (both in terms of quality and quantity). This is a region in which thousands of hectare of old vines do a reliable job producing some of the great bargains of the wine world year after year.

To the east of The Maseta lies The Levant, which includes the famous regions of Valencia, Almansa, Jumilla, Alicante, and more. Throughout this region old stands of Monastrell and Granacha produce textured, rich, and inky wines that have become some of the stars of the wine world (at affordable prices).


Bodegas Atalaya
Finca Sandoval
Navarro Lopez
Paso a Paso
Real Compania de Vinos
Venta Morales

El Nido
Honoro Vera
Juan Gil
Tarima Hill
Wrongo Dongo



If you are a retailer or restaurant in Minnesota and would like to purchase these wines, please contact us for more information.

If you are a consumer outside of Minnesota, these wines and hundreds more are readily available to you through local Minnesota retailers. Let us know the wine you are after and we will let you know who has carried it in the past twelve months.

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